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My web server

Some of my pages (for instance, the travel times WML page) are hosted on the Unix machine that lives in my dining room closet. It is an Apple Macintosh Quadra 700 running at 25MHz, with a 500MB hard drive and 24MB of RAM. It's running OpenBSD 2.8, and has served me faithfully for three years as a web server, email server, firewall, NAT router and more. I learned a lot about Unix getting it running, and I think it serves as a testament to the value to be found in older computers. Its predecessor was a Mac IIci running OpenBSD 2.6. I upgraded because the IIci ran at only 16MHz and I wanted to try a newer version of OpenBSD without destroying the working system. The Mac IIci now holds up a video monitor next to my main computer.

picture of server

The photo was taken with my Canon PowerShot S100, and the three frames were patched together with Canon's Photostich program. I didn't do a good job of rotating the camera, though, so the photos don't fit together very well.

Updated November 15, 2004

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