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Things I have measured

With the Web and the technology boom, everyone's getting nerdier. I'm constantly struggling to find ways to remain nerdier than everyone else.

Emails sent

Since late 1999 I've saved every email I have sent (excluding work email) and nearly every email I've received (everything from friends and family). Curious to know how many emails I send, I looked through my email folders and came up with the following:

Number Of Emails Sent Each Month Number of Emails Sent Each Month

I would try measuring emails received but I throw away a lot of them (spam, email lists) and then sort email by the sender.

Water consumed

How much water do I drink every day? Measurements taken each day during one week are below.

Water Consumed Water Consumed

These may be slightly skewed because I was working long hours (still am) and spent two days at work on the weekend when they turn off the air conditioning. This brings me to another measurement:

Temperature at work

OK, sure, it's not quite 88 yet, but believe me it got there.

Temperature At Work When They Turn Off The AC Temperature at Work When They Turn Off the AC

Band names

I've always suspected that the names of the bands I listen to are unevenly distributed, leaning especially toward the beginning, middle and end of the alphabet. Lots of "A"s, "M"s and "S"s. So I decided to measure the distribution.

Histogram Distribution of Band Names
Histogram Distribution of Band Names With the Word "the" Removed

To do this (you didn't ask?) I exported all the titles from my iTunes collection (at the moment that's 4,299 songs or 12 days, 4 hours, 35 minutes and 21 seconds worth), sorted by band name, removed duplicates, and created a spreadsheet to count occurances of each letter.

Photos taken each year

Some of the early counts are probably inaccurate, but here are the numbers. If this trend continues you oughta buy film stock this year. Haha.

Graph Of Photos Taken Each Year Photos Taken Each Year

Also, just for reference, in 2002 I got an average of 27 frames per roll of "24" and an average of 38.11 frames per roll of "36."

My computer/phone/audio setup

I don't know what originally inspired me to create this diagram, but I just updated it and it's a doozy!

Diagram Of My Computer Setup My Apartment Setup

Updated April 16, 2005

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