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British Food of the Day Volume II : Day 3

Trip incident #1:

Ten minutes after the limo company was supposed to pick me up (from work) I called them and they said, "Oh, we have you listed as going from O'Hare to Motorola, not from Motorola to O'Hare. Hold for one moment please." One moment later, "We have you listed as going tomorrow, not today. Let me see how soon I can get a car to you." Two moments later, "The soonest we can get a car to you is 30 minutes." My flight boards in 70 minutes. "Forget it."

So I drove from Arlington Heights to O'Hare, parked in a remote lot, took the train to the wrong terminal, took the next train to the correct terminal, checked in, passed through security, and walked to my gate in one hour and five minutes. Gotta be a record of some sort. Of course I was then early.

Work incident #1:

Managers come down hard on Randy et al for not accomplishing much. Randy accomplishes much. Randy worries that this will encourage managers to come down hard on Randy.

Updated November 18, 2002

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