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British Food of the Day Volume II

Monday: Steak and kidney pie.

Yeah, I know that BFotD started with steak and kidney pie, but if the Motorola cafeteria can repeat it every four weeks, so can I!

Tuesday: Cumberland pie.

There's nothing wrong with this "pie" per say, except that you never know what you're getting for two reasons: the first is that the sign at the front of the cafeteria ("Cottage pie") never matches the signs in front of the food ("Cumberland pie"). Last time the front sign said "Shepherd's pie" and the sign at the counter said "Cottage pie". The other reason is that it's covered with a pastry or a mash potato mold and you can't tell what is underneath. Certainly the signs are no help.

Wednesday: Spaghetti noodles with bacon and fried egg.

This was at an Italian restaurant in the Old Town part of Swindon. The waiter managed to say "Gratzi," "Thanks," AND "Cheers" in response to everything.

Thursday: Nothing.

I have nothing. The canteen had normal food and I'm too tired to recall anything strange from the past few days.
Instead, a mini translation guide

Friday: Chicken "fillit" on a deli bap.

Only because it sounds funny. I'm running out of material here -- BFotD II reeks of failure.

Sunday: Big Mac, fries and a coke.

The McDonald's McSperience

Monday: Bangers and mash.

Things That Drive Me Crazy About England

Tuesday: Fruit of the Forest Paris Breast.

I think this was a dessert, and I'm pretty sure I ate it.

Sorry, no time tonight for rants or wish-I-were-a-gay-Jewish-female-or-New-Yorker-pseudo-public-radio-essayist-mini-essays.

Wednesday: King prawns.

Everywhere. In everything. And I thought the English were only obsessed with curry and tea.

I was at work for 21 hours today and just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, I ran over a rabbit on my drive home. The sun will come out tomorrow, right?

Friday: Medium-well steak with Borras sauce (cream, read wine, mushrooms). Banoffee pie and coffee.

Tied for best meal I've had in England, because I had it twice this fall.

The home stretch..

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Updated November 18, 2002

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