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BFOTD1: The bathroom gender mistake

Due to popular explanation of the "bathroom gender mistake" from a few weeks ago.

I was getting some coffee from one of the vending machines in the atrium and decided to stop by the mens' room first. Or "toilet" as they call it. I didn't look too closely at the icon on the door (everything here is with icons, not text. As if they accept people who don't speak English) and walked right in. As you can see from the diagram,

					.-------.----.--.  s  .--.----.-------.
			 co   |      \   > |cl|  t  |cl|     /      |
			 ff   |  W    |  ^ |os|  a  |os|    |    M  |
			 ee   |       |  ^ |et|  i  |et|    |       |
					`-------|/ ^ ---'  r  `----- \|-------'

The bathrooms have two doors and are mirrors of each other. Instead of a door on the right that I could push open I ran into a closet door that opens outward. Only when realized that I was pushing on a closet door did I know that I was in the wrong loo.

Not a very exciting story, and nobody shrieked and beat me with their handbag. As I was leaving and heading for the correct bathroom some guy was walking by and I tried to give a comical shrug but he didn't pay any attention to me.

Updated November 19, 2002

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