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British Food of the Day Volume I

Monday: steak and kidney pie.

Tuesday: chips

Your choice of potato chip flavors from the vending machine:

Apparently they don't make the prawn flavored crisps anymore.

Update: saw the prawn flavored crisps, and many other disgusting flavors, at a food co-op.

Wednesday: "Sausagemeat and pickle plait with English mustard."

And for dessert? Yes, it's "spotted dick!"

Thursday: Pork steak fried in bread crumbs, topped with a fried egg.

No kidding.
Honorable mention: the list of ingredients at Pizza Hut includes the usuals, plus:

Friday: Vegimince spaghetti with bolognese sauce.

This was actually more innocent than it sounds.

Monday: Cauliflower cooked in cheese sauce, topped with cheddar cheese.

Why don't they like fluoride as much as they like cheese?

Tuesday: Faggots immersed in a carmelised onion gravy with mushy peas.

Wednesday: Mexican beef chili over fried rice.

The "fried rice" is white rice with peas, corn, and slimy scrambled eggs. It's not even fried.

Thursday: Vegetarian toad in the hole.

Friday: Homemade pork burger.

I'm not sure at whose home this was made.
It looked like what I imagine the squid burgers in "The Shipping News" to look like.

Monday: Nothing gross. It's been a good food day!

Instead, I present a few of the cities I drove through as I made my way through Wales this weekend:

Wednesday: Pizza: cheese, sauce, and shredded pork.

Tuesday: Wild bear.

I ate dinner at The Three Crowns.
Not only do they serve venison and crocodile, but ostrich and wild bear as well. I had a steak (beef steak).

Thursday: Chicken massala and rice pilaf.

Again, normal rice posing as something special. The only bad part about the meal is that, like most things in the Motorola "canteen" here, it tasted like it came from a can.

By the way, this is one of the few BFoTDs that I've actually eaten.

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Updated November 19, 2002

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